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2024-04-17 📄 Magazine article: Wearables and decentralized internet
Perspective published on the research magazine The Conversation, titled: A new wave of wearable devices will collect a mountain on information on us – we need to get wise about the privacy implications.
2024-01-03 📄 Interview: “The real game changer is smart glasses”
Interview summarizing my PhD thesis at Stockholm University: User Modeling for Adaptive Virtual Reality Experiences. More information about the thesis in this link
2022-12-06 📄 Talk: User Modeling in Virtual Reality Environments
Early overview of my doctoral work at Stockholm University: Time-series analysis for behavioural user modelling in interactive virtual environments.
2022-12-06 📄 Talk: Visualizando el futuro en realidad virtual
An outlook on how virtual reality may transform real estate communication in the future generation of home buyers with PortalSense.
2022-05-04 📄 Blog: PhD Project at Stockholm University
Showcasing on the SU website my PhD project: Time-series analysis for behavioural user modelling in interactive virtual environments.
2021-10-06 🎥 Presentation: Conference ISMAR21
Oral presentation in the conference ISMAR 2021 about the paper:
Excite-O-Meter: Software Framework to Integrate Heart Activity in Virtual Reality.
2021-09-24 🎤 Panel GAME-ON 2021
Panelist about “The Use of Digital Games and AI for Health and Wellbeing”.
Part of the EUROSIS GAME-ON Conference 2021.
2020-10-26 🔊 Podcast Interview: Combining ML with VR
Interviewed by the Immersive Learning Network. Here, I discussed with Patrick O’Shea about the methodological aspects of combining ML and VR in research projects, as presented in my paper: Understanding research methodologies when combining virtual reality technology with machine learning techniques.


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