Mobile Virtual Reality application deployed in Unity for Samsung Gear VR headset. The solution is designed to be used in hospital settings to aid health practitioners to handle children anxiety during blood samples, it uses game-based mechanics to distract the users.


The project was presented to Swedish hospitals to start a clinical trial of the system with the pediatric patients. The pediatrics department of Karolinska Hospital showed interest for collaboration and we might apply for research funds together.

Collaboration with KIDS, Poland.

In August 2020, the project EasyBlood is proposed to be continued together with the KIDS (Children Hospital Innovators’ Club) Foundation from Poland (Warsaw), which aims at leading digital transformation in Polish paediatric hospitals. They bring innovative solutions to hospitals in order to transform the experience that is built around paediatric hospitals for patients, parents, and the medical staff. Moreover, collaborate closely with tech startups, corporations, innovators, NGOs and medical staff.

The projects consists on introducing VR for anxiety and pain management during venipuncture procedures for kids between 4 and 7 years old in the Oncology Department of the Children’s Memorial Health Institute.


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