BL Engine & CAVE
BL Engine & CAVE

BL Engine & CAVE

The Biocybernetic Loop Engine is an integrated software tool designed for an easy creation of physiologically modulated videogames by means of wearable sensors. The BL Engine includes a signal acquisition panel, which facilitates the connectivity of multiple cardiac-related physiological sensors and the processing of the signals, a biocybernetic console to rapidly create and iterate adaptive rules using a visual scripting module, and a game connector tool that ties physiological modulations to game variables. Link to official project

The KAVE is a Unity plugin that:

  • Adds parallax effect to Unity projects through Kinect v2 head tracking.
  • Supports up to 8 screens/projectors in any physical configuration (normal desktop screen, CAVE, etc…).
  • Features full skeleton tracking for interaction with virtual objects. Link to official project
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